Pure Golf.

As it was intended.

The Vision.

Golden Age & Classic.

The architecture of The Buck Club is grounded in the fundamental lessons of The Old Course at St. Andrews & the great courses of the classic era of architecture in the United States. Strategic decision making, variety, alternate playing routes, and a bold, quirky flair will be the hallmarks of the playing experience. The legacy of Zac Blair’s favorite course, National Golf Links of America, the brainchild of C.B. Macdonald, weighs heavily on the concept of The Buck Club. Using the teachings of history’s greatest architects and C.B. Macdonald as inspiration, every hole at The Buck Club will provoke thought and force players to make decisions on each shot. Alternate routes of attack will be available for golfers of all skill levels, thereby providing “pleasurable excitement” and “the greatest pleasure to the greatest number” in the words of Alister Mackenzie.

C.B. Macdonald further explains:

“The object of a bunker or trap is not only to punish a physical mistake, to punish lack of control, but to punish pride and egotism. I believe in leaving a way open for the player who can only drive 100 yards, if he keeps that drive straight. But the one I am after is the golfer who thinks he can carry the ball 180 yards when 160 is his limit. So I believe one of the best systems of trapping or arranging bunkers is to let the player make his own choice, from either the shorter or longer routes, and go for that.”

With these concepts in mind, the routing of The Buck Club takes full advantage of the remarkable natural terrain by criss-crossing from the valley floor to the stunning “Upper 100” section of the property and back again from whence it started. Contained within the eighteen hole routing are endless “hidden” cross country golf holes and a fully reversible routing, a nod to the Home of Golf. These endless opportunities for discovery will ensure that the members of The Club have a unique and entertaining experience with each loop.

Below is the master plan for The Buck Club, prepared by King-Collins Golf Course Design: